3 Black Women Empowerment Steps Society Will Never Tell You About

3 Black Women Empowerment Steps Society Will Never Tell You About

Black women empowerment is crucial in this world. In all areas of life, black women are mentally and physically attacked. There are news reports telling us we are unwanted when it comes to love. Jobsearching shows we’re paid almost 50% less than other women. Then we have black male entertainers attacking us on social media.

When the world makes you feel worthless on a daily basis, it hurts. It hurts even more knowing you did nothing to deserve it. You’re attacked just for being born. No wonder we see black women bleaching their skin, ashamed of their hair, and pretending to be a different race. They’re trying to escape being black women!

That’s why empowering black women is so important!

Many black women have achieved success. I’m not talking about obvious ones like singers and actresses. I’m talking about doctors, lawyers, teachers, politicians, even our grandmothers, mothers and sisters. Empowering everyday women is vital because we’re not all going to start a major TV network or marry a billionaire. We need basic advice the everyday woman can follow.

Healthy Black Queens is about black women empowerment. It focuses on three areas where every black woman can improve her life, starting today and for free!

What 3 steps will transform a black woman’s life?

Society won’t help you. You have to help yourself. And it’s more than doable. You’re just going to focus on 3 important areas of your life: mind, body and hair. One at a time. In your own time. Achieve your goals in one area to better your life. Slowly move on to the next section, building your self-empowerment as you progress to becoming an even more successful black woman.

The 3 areas — mind, body and hair — are all accessible to the average woman. By average I mean women who don’t have access to expensive therapists, personal trainers, personal chefs, or celebrity hair stylists. That’s why I believe in empowering everyday women. We don’t all have the money to pay a team of professionals.

Black Women Empowerment Starts With the Mind

Black women need to strengthen our minds to counter the negative energy thrown our way on a daily basis. Being told we are unwanted and ugly negatively affects our confidence. It’s important to stay positive and remember that there’s nothing wrong with us. We’re not ugly, unwanted, or unlovable. We’re mother of the human race. The first women to walk the earth were in Africa.

The Mind section of this website focuses on empowering black women’s minds. We’ll focus on matters that affect your mind: motivation, relationship, education, employment, and more.

Why does the Mind section come first?

A positive mindset influences your whole life. Negative people always give up. They achieve nothing because they try nothing. Positive people keep pushing until they succeed. They fail time and time again, but they keep going, keep trying, keep succeeding.

Society wants you to believe you can’t succeed. Once the media convinces your mind that you’re destined to fail, your body will quickly follow. Did you know that science has proven the mind and body are the same entity? A weak mind means a weak body. A strong mind means a strong body. They are one. If one is unhealthy, so is the other. If one is empowered, so is the other.

Black Women Empowerment Continues With the Body

There are lots of studies claiming that black women are heavier than non-black women. The stereotype is that we’re all fat, angry black women. Statistics about 82% of black women being obese or overweight make us look even worse. Negative statistics are spread far and wide to make us feel even worse.

Statistics never seem to focus on many of us who are fit. There are black female bodybuilders and fitness models. Many black female athletes dominate various sports, ranging from the world’s fastest sprinters to record-breaking tennis players.

But society doesn’t want to focus on the positive…

If those women can do it, so can you. We are the descendants of black slaves who suffered mentally and physically for over two hundred years. Your body descends from the most powerful women on earth, so why are you unfit? Why haven’t you reached your fullest fitness potential?

It’s time to get fit. The Body section of this website focuses on fitness problems we face. Problem areas include weight loss, weight maintenance and exercise. By gaining fitness, you’ll build upon the foundation set by a positive mind. As a bonus, a healthier body means healthier, longer hair because exercise promotes blood circulation. Studies show that better blood circulation helps hair grow faster and thicker.

Black Women Empowerment Ends With Our Hair

No other race on earth is as creative as we are when it comes to hair. No wonder our hair styles start trends worldwide. Despite this, society claims that we all wear fake hair and have terrible hair underneath.

Sure, there are black women who have receding hair lines, crispy dry hair or severe hair breakage. But there are women of all races with those same problems! Why do people focus on us all the time?

You can have long, soft, healthy black hair for cheap.

Society isn’t going to tell you how easy, manageable and beautiful your hair is. With better hair care, your hair will be longer, fuller, softer, stronger and everything else you desire.

You’ll prove how amazing our hair is just by walking out the front door. It’s important to show our hair how much we love it in a world where our features are placed below straight, wavy and curly hair. The Hair section gives advice on many issues including going natural, staying relaxed, hair extensions, hair breakage, hair growth and much more.

How Do Empowering Black Women Succeed?

  1. Successful black women focus on the Mind. They motivate themselves with positive role models and counter negative energy by succeeding in ways society couldn’t possibly imagine.
  2. Successful black women focus on the Body. They workout, eat right and do it even when they don’t feel like. Empowered black women know they can achieve all their fitness goals if they don’t give up. They remember the fat black woman stereotype has been disproven by many black athletes.
  3. Successful black women focus on their Hair. They grow hair to their desired length and maintain beautiful, healthy locks that thrive without spending hours a day or hundreds of dollars a month.

Society doesn’t want you to change your life because it thrives on making us feel inferior. For centuries black women have been made to feel less than. It doesn’t have to be that way for you.

You have two choices.

One, leave this website.

Go back to a world where black women empowerment is seen as racist and exclusive. A world where other people want you to have a poor mindset, unfit body and hair breakage because it makes them feel better about themselves. You’ll also go back to bad relationships, a lack of motivation, obesity, no hair growth, and much more. And the world will love seeing you struggle!

Two, go to the Mind section of this website.

Start building the foundation of a healthy and happy life. Soon you’ll move on to sculpting an amazing body you can’t wait to show off. The icing on the cake will be fabulous hair that doesn’t cost your whole paycheck. You’ll see that black women empowerment is doable and affordable. You can start right now.

When I chose to follow other empowering black women, I changed my life. I published 25 books with thousands of downloads, lost 100 lbs without a gym membership, and grew my natural hair to waist length.

What will you do?

Work on a healthy black mind? Click here.

Sculpt a healthy black body? Click here.

Grow healthy black hair? Click here.

The decision is yours.

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