3 Great Reasons To Kill Yourself Today! Reason 2: What If?

3 Great Reasons To Kill Yourself Today! Reason 2: What If?

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Last time we talked about why pain is a great reason to kill yourself. Who doesn’t want to spend 12 months recovering after falling 47 storeys? Who doesn’t want to swallow pills and wake up in agony, feeling like their belly is on fire? Just thinking of the possible pain makes me feel scared fuzzy inside.

Continuing our 3 great reasons to kill yourself mini-series, we’re moving on to the second reason.

Reason 2 – What If?

What if what?

You know, you look into the future and see what might have been if you’d just stuck it out. This moment will happen. Whether your finger is resting on the trigger or you’re falling from the sky, your mind races through the past and comes to halt. Then you start to wonder…What if I’d stuck around?

I don’t know why you’re considering suicide, but it must be for a pretty good reason. Maybe you lost someone and don’t want to live without them. Maybe it’s a suicide pact and you feel compelled to hold up your side of the deal. Maybe you lost your job and can’t stand the thought of working your way back at your age with your debt. Who knows? Wherever you’re coming from, the What If? question will get you.¬†Suddenly you’ll see all the good possibilities ahead.

Maybe you lost this job but would’ve found a better one. Or maybe you could have started your own business and sold it for a massive profit within a few years. Or maybe you could’ve cut back and stayed home with the kids, the perfect chance to spend more time as a family.

Maybe you’re dying and feel it would be much better to just end it, but then decided not to. You could withdraw your cash and go on a round the world trip. Or write that life story you’ve put off for ages. Or end the feud that’s been eating away at you for decades. You could’ve gone out with a bang, a nice one, with a smile on your face.

Maybe you’re being bullied, but decided to end it once and for all. No, I don’t mean that. I mean learning self-defence and kicking their asses within reason. Or cutting off all contact online and reporting them to the authorities. You could’ve taken on board everything they hate and magnified it. If they hate your nose, wear make-up that draws attention to it. They call you fat, wear highly fashionable clothes to show off your figure. Hate your tallness, rock high heels. Hate being a shorty, wear sandals. Knowing they failed will kill them instead of you.

Anyway, ignore all that!

The point is, when you’re just about to die you’ll be in tears. All those amazing things that could have been will never be because you’ll be dead. Those jobs, people, hobbies, goals, and hundreds of other dreams you had will never be.

You’ll wonder whether you could have made it, and die knowing the answer is, “Yes.”

Oh well. Moving on to reason 3

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