3 Great Reasons To Kill Yourself Today! Reason 3: The Aftermath?

3 Great Reasons To Kill Yourself Today! Reason 3: The Aftermath?

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Last time we talked about how great it feels to die knowing you could’ve achieved your wildest dreams and overcome your biggest challenges. The second before you die you’ll think, “What if?” It’s not too late…Anyway, you’ll just have to die dreaming when you could still make it a reality. People do it all the time.

Continuing our 3 great reasons to kill yourself today mini-series, we will end with the last part hence the reason it’s the end.

Reason 3 – The aftermath.

You finally stop thinking about the What If? question and start thinking about what happens when you’re gone. It’s all good, trust me. If your home is suffering now, don’t worry, it’ll get even worse.

First, who will find you? Imagine your loved one coming in, calling your name, and then they trip over your lifeless body. Blood, vomit, etc everywhere. Good. You don’t feel pain anymore, so it’s all good. You won’t feel a thing when your mother/father/sister/brother/aunt/uncle/grandparent/child/dog/cat breaks down by your corpse. Even better, in some countries the family has to clean up ‘the mess’. Can you imagine scrubbing someone’s brain matter out the carpet?

There’s more joy to come.

Now they have to organise the funeral. What will you wear? Who knows? You never said before you died. Don’t complain if you’re wearing the ugliest outfit on earth for eternity. Open or closed casket. That depends how you did the deed.  Funerals are good business, so you’ll be providing a big boost to the economy. On the other hand, your family could go broke. Unless you want some plain, bland coffin, they’ll have to cut a large cheque. If you died in debt, congrats. Your family just sank in even deeper.

There’s even more goodness!

Now the blame game begins. Couples point the finger at each other, and then beat themselves up over what they should’ve/would’ve/could’ve done. Everyone around you relives every bad moment, wondering whether they pushed you over the edge. Your parents, siblings, relatives, school, employer, society, etc. Who is to blame? We’ve got to blame somebody, right?

Will they ever move on?

Your bedroom, preserved until…Every day loved ones must walk past your room knowing its empty. No one can change it. Keep it just as you left it. Some lucky people can go into the room and stare at the spot where you died. Aw, memories! This will be your shrine for the rest of their lives.

Sounds sad…I mean, it sounds just great! Sure everyone around you will be devastated, but your pain will be over. Does theirs really matter? Maybe not. Maybe.

In conclusion, these were 3 great reasons to kill yourself today. One, you might survive and feel excruciating pain. After a very long recovery you can try again, but risk being trapped in a vegetative or comatose state. Two, you’ll never get that high. Good times follow the bad. You’ll die wondering what could’ve been. If you kill yourself, you’ll never know. Three, you cause the aftermath. Tears, heartbreak, depression, and so much more. Your death will tear people apart. You’ll affect people far and wide because you’re a valuable part of society, no matter how popular you think you are.

You make a difference.

That’s a bonus reason to kill yourself. You won’t make a difference anymore, now or later. You won’t discover a cure for cancer. You won’t go to Mars. You won’t educate a generation. You won’t meet a nation. You won’t have kids. You won’t have grandkids. You won’t leave the biggest positive mark you can on the world.

And that’s a shame. Seriously.

If you don’t get it by now, I’m trying to show you why you shouldn’t do it. This period is like being on a plane in a thick, dark cloud. It’s bumpy, violent, and you think you might die, but you always pass through turbulence and come out the other side. You come out stronger, bigger, smarter, and more experienced. You’re a better person, and it’s just the beginning.

There will be ups and downs. That’s life. Everyone has ups and downs. Downs make us appreciate the highs even more. Look around you. Every one you meet has a tough time. If we all killed ourselves when life was tough, there’d be nobody left. People have survived slavery, genocide, illness, disease, rape, robbery, burglary, miscarriages, failure, unemployment, being demoted, bullying, and every other hell on earth.

Out there, somewhere, right now, is someone who would love to swap places with you. Their situation is far worse off than yours. You lost someone? They lost two. You’re sick? They’re dying. Got a pay cut? They’re unemployed. Times like these you’ve got to appreciate what’s going right because you never know when it could change.

You’re still here…Good. Here are some positive quotes to keep you going. You CAN do this. Yes, you can.

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