3 Important Weight Maintenance Lessons

3 Important Weight Maintenance Lessons

The public was shocked when Jennifer Hudson reappeared on the scene with a slender waist and revitalised healthy outlook on life. Her weight loss, and soon to be weight maintenance, has taught us at least 3 important lessons we can use while maintaining our weight.

1. A slow and steady pace.

Instead of starving and/or overexercising, Jennifer appears to have made lifelong changes. Her weight loss caught the public by surprise because she didn’t drop from obesity to overweight overnight, and she has continued on to being slim at an equally sensible pace.

Remember to be as patient with weight maintenance as you were while losing or gaining weight. If your weight fluctuates, be patient. Former losers, don’t starve or overexercise just because your clothes are tight. Former gainers, don’t binge because your weight has dropped. Slow and steady weight loss or weight gain will take you back to maintaining your weight in a reasonable, safe period of time.

2. Lifetime inspiration.

Jennifer has her son as inspiration. No matter what happens, he’ll always be there as a reminder of how important a healthy lifestyle is.

Choose lifetime inspiration during weight maintenance. Short term goals like school reunions, birthdays, and the holidays are great ideas, but long term inspiration like motivating loved ones will stay with you forever. Have a mixture of short and long term goals to keep maintenance fresh; stale maintenance leads to relapses and regains.

3. Lifelong changes.

Jennifer uses Weight Watchers, which features a Maintenance Plan and also considers families,┬áso this is ideal for the loser (or gainer) who lives with others. This makes maintenance even more likely because including family and friends strengthens your support system, so you’ll have help during the tough periods as you maintain your weight.

Slow and steady weight loss or weight gain also gives you the chance to make permanent changes. This greatly increases the chance of having successful weight maintenance. Always ask yourself, “Can I do this forever?” If the answer is “No” then don’t do it. Rethink your plans and make some adjustments.

When you want celebrity inspiration for ending weight loss or weight gain, so you can begin to maintain your weight forever, look to good role models like Jennifer Hudson. She chose slow and steady weight loss, has chosen someone who will inspire her forever, and has the willingness to make lifelong changes; these 3 tips are just what you need to maintain your weight forever. Good luck, maintainers!