3 Ways to Boost Your Savings

3 Ways to Boost Your Savings

Every little helps. Even if you put aside a couple of pennies every time that you go shopping, if you suddenly need some change one day, the money is there. The best way to save is by pretending that the money is there, otherwise you’ll find yourself dipping into your savings until there’s nothing left. Below you will some ways to increase your savings without putting too much thought into it.

1. Direct debit

Set up a direct debit that will send money from your main account to a savings account. It can be any amount as long as you remember to be sensible e.g. can you afford to put aside $50 each month, or would $10 be more realistic?

2. High interest accounts

Search for the best high interest saving accounts that you can find, and don’t jump on to the most tempting offer straight away because you never know what better offers are round the corner. BEFORE you sign up, go online to see what others have said about the account, customer service, etc. Write down the pros and cons of each account, step away from your choices for a week or so, and then make a decision.

3. ISAs

Just like with high interest accounts, you should look around for the best deal. These accounts are unique because there are extra rules and regulations e.g. you cannot withdraw money for a year. You need to check the rules before putting your money into one. The best thing about ISAs is that they’re tax free!

Try all three and ditch any of them if it doesn’t work out. At the end of the day, it’s YOUR money and YOUR way. Do what nurtures your money and suits your lifestyle. Soon you’ll be reaping the rewards! Keep that holiday, wedding day or new house in mind until you’re living the dream, whatever it may be.