7 Weeks to Glory – Motivation System Week 4

7 Weeks to Glory – Motivation System Week 4

We need motivation to succeed at life. You will face many tests, but strong motivation will drive you to success no matter how tough times are. Whether you are losing weight, studying for exams, looking for work, or trying to earn more money, we need motivation to keep our eyes on the prize. This Motivation System is divided into seven weeks. Have you completed last week? This week we will focus on using motivational notes as a valuable tool for self-motivation. Motivational notes arouse and sustain motivation.

Motivational Notes

Leaving notes is a basic tool, but it works very well…

After yesterday‘s support network exercise, writing a brief note might seem trivial. It’s not. Having a support network is an excellent step towards success, but what if your network isn’t there? If your weekly group meeting is Friday evening, what happens if you’re feeling down on Monday morning? What happens if your support group is on-line and you lose your internet connection? Suddenly you’re alone. What should you do?

Write motivational notes. Lots of them.

If you’re still in doubt, here are three reasons why notes will motivate you:

1. Notes are quick

Writing personal goals is motivational, but it takes a while to organise them with deadlines, rewards for each achievement, etc. What if you need motivation right now?

You’ll save time by writing quick notes to yourself. Instead of long descriptions, photos, etc, just write a brief sentence or two like ‘I’ll try again tomorrow’. Whenever and wherever the feeling takes you, note that positive thought. No need to sit down and think for hours when you can motivate yourself in seconds.

2. Easy

Notes are not only quick but very easy. No need for photos, spreadsheets, etc. All you need is paper and a pen. Simplifying the motivation process also means you can’t make poor excuses like “I couldn’t print off any success stories because the printer’s out of ink”. You’ll always have access to a pen and paper. It doesn’t matter if you have to write on a leaflet or visit the local library to use a pen. There’s always room in your bag for a pen and notepad. No more excuses. Do whatever it takes to succeed.

3. For everyone

When you display your personal goals, keep your motivational notes close by. Others will see your inspiring motivational tools and want to join your journey. This will build your support network and further improve your chances of achieving success. Over time new notes will pop up, but they’ll be written by others. With everyone’s agreement, you might post everyone’s notes in one area of your home, office, or gym for all to see.

Great! You’ve decided to keep motivational notes to sustain your motivation. Now choose the best way to save your inspiring words.

There are various ways to store your motivational notes:

stick them around the room
store them in your diary
write them in notepads
set them as reminders on your phone
email them to yourself
leave them as voicemails
add them as your social network (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc) status

The possibilities are endless. See whichever option suits your needs and try it. If it doesn’t work out, try another method. Even better, use more than one option so you’re prepared and motivated no matter what happens, for example, a sticky note could get lost but an email is forever.

You worked hard writing your personal goals and building a support network, so let loose with some motivational notes. Don’t think too much. Notes don’t have to be neat and tidy. Doodle on them. Write lots of thoughts together. Just go along for the ride and have fun! If you lose a note, let it go. It’s out there helping someone else just as much as it helped you.


1. Write lots of notes.

2. Notes are quick, easy, and for everyone.

3. Keep notes everywhere.

4. Accept that notes come and go.

5. Writing notes should be fun!

When you are ready, move on to next week.

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