7 Weeks to Glory – Motivation System Week 5

7 Weeks to Glory – Motivation System Week 5

We need motivation to succeed at life. You will face many tests, but strong motivation will drive you to success no matter how tough times are. Whether you are losing weight, studying for exams, looking for work, or trying to earn more money, we need motivation to keep our eyes on the prize. This Motivation System is divided into seven weeks. Have you completed last week? This week we will focus on using motivational collages as a valuable tool for self-motivation. Motivational collages arouse and sustain motivation.

Motivation Collage

Remember your success stories, personal goals, and motivational notes? Today we’ll put everything together on a motivation collage, which is bigger and more eye-catching than a group of photos or motivational notes.

What tools do you need to create a motivation collage?

Coloured pens/pencils
A blank card (any size)
A printer

How do you create a motivation collage?

1. Print off and cut out motivational photos, quotes, and personal goals.
2. Place the card on a flat sturdy surface where it won’t be knocked over.
3. Place your motivational success stories, personal goals, and quotes across the card. There doesn’t have to be a systematic layout. Do whatever feels right.
4. Make sure everything fits onto the card. Things can overlap but make sure they’re still visible i.e. words aren’t cut off, photos aren’t covered, etc. If necessary, remove things and save them for another collage.
5. Look over the collage one last time before gluing everything down.
OPTIONAL: Doodle on your collage using the pens and pencils. Write anything you want but make sure it’s all positive thoughts, feelings, and images.

Where should you keep your motivation collage?

Somewhere it will be seen.

Recently I found an old weight loss collage I created four years ago. I felt spurred on by it instantly. Don’t make the same mistake I did by storing it away! Aim to see your collage at least once a week to maintain your motivation, and look more often during the tough times.

You could display the collage somewhere that relates to your goals, for example, keep a money motivation collage next to your piggy bank. This means the motivation can translate into an immediate positive act. Using the piggy bank example, feeling motivated by the money collage would remind you to put away some savings.

Where you display your collage is also influenced by its size. An A4 sized collage could travel with you , but an A2 collage would need to stay home. Also make sure the collage stands out in the room or you’ll forget it’s there!

When should you make the next collage?

You’ll know when the time is right.

If your motivation is running low and your current collage has lost its spark, it’s time to create a new one. Don’t copy the last collage! Go for something fresh and new, for instance, if your last collage was mostly photos then the next one could have more quotes. A variety of collages will make you appreciate each one more than if they blended together as one. Variety also means each collage will cater to your different moods, for example, one day you might not feel like reading, so you can look at the collage with lots of pictures.

How many collages do you need?

Only you can answer this question. If you don’t know the answer yet, focus on one collage for now.

I have two fitness collages because one reflects my past (obesity in my teenage years) and the other my future (a slim, healthy woman). However, I’m producing a new one because I’ve started the next stage in my healthy lifestyle: weight training and maintenance. Do you see how collectively the collages show progression? Yours will too.

I know collages are exciting, but don’t make lots for the sake of it. It’s better to have a few collages you love and enjoyed making than several ‘okay’ ones that felt like a chore.

If the motivation collage works for you, take it further by creating a motivation book. Include mini-collages, quotes, photos, etc. This means your collages will all be kept safely in one place. Remember to display the book somewhere visible or you’ll forget it’s there. Where one book ends another begins!


1. Motivation collages showcase success stories, goals, and quotes.

2. Don’t hide your collage. Display it with pride!

3. Make new collages when the time is right.

4. Quality collages, not quantity.

5. Expand your collages into a motivation book.

When you are ready, move on to next week.

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