5 things to do after your exam

5 things to do after your exam

Finally that dreaded exam season is over! After several weeks, possibly months, of tests and revision, you’re one exam closer to being back to normal. Before you go off for a mini celebration, follow these 5 things to do after your exam.

1. Be happy
No matter what the outcome is, the exam is over. The weeks or months building up to the ‘big day’ have gone, and taken pressure, stress, tension and nerves with it. You are free again!

2. Don’t dwell
When the buzz wears off, you start to ponder over what went wrong. Things that seemed right in the exam hall suddenly feel wrong. Maybe you wrote an answer, but looking over your notes you see how wrong it was. Maybe the question you just couldn’t figure out has suddenly clicked. Thinking of the What Ifs and Maybes are just as waste of time. There is NOTHING you can do now.

3. Psychic vision
After dwelling over the exam, you start to think about your grade. You remember how easy it was and think of that A under your name. Or you picture the string of guesses and blank spaces and wonder how far that E will reduce your overall grade. This exercise is completely pointless. What you thought was a brilliant answer may be completely average in the examiner’s eyes. What you thought was a terrible guess could have been the correct answer. To avoid disappointment and headaches, don’t try and guess the outcome. Just let it be.

4. Relax
After dwelling and guessing exam results, relax. Do whatever you want guilt free. No more squeezing in television between revision sessions or having to turn down friends because a topic just won’t stay in your head. Your time is yours again.

5. Next exam

For the unlucky, there is another exam round the corner. For the very unlucky few, they have exams on consecutive days. If this applies to you, relax for an hour or two before revising again. This will allow your mind to transition from one subject/topic to another.

I know you want to celebrate finishing another exam, but save your partying for the final test. You’ve got to keep your thinking cap, not drinking cap, on for a while yet. Don’t worry! Keep the future celebrations in mind and then party like crazy when the exam season ends. Then the results will come, the good, the bad, and the average…