3 Ways to cope with average exam results

3 Ways to cope with average exam results

Average results are a mixture of the good and the bad. Maybe you got top grades in some areas but poor ones in others, leading to an average final grade. Gradewise it would be Ds and Cs- not the bottom or the top either.

This section is aimed at those who are happy and disappointed by what they achieved.

1. Remain positive
Instead of dwelling over poor grades, focus on your best results. In life the good comes with the bad, and exams are no exception. People who earn 100% in every paper are rare, and average grades will not hold you back from doing what you want to do.

2. Be grateful
When you see others getting a string of grade As, remember the ones getting a string of Es and failures. Those people would LOVE to be in your position, but for whatever reason they did not make it. People with worse grades don’t have good grades to fall back on. Which of these people would you pity the most: someone with straight E grades or someone with Bs and Ds?

3. Re-sits/remarks
Remember everything that went wrong with the first exam. Try old and new methods to revise, for example, if you only used revision cards last time, try revision websites as well this time around. Think of this as a completely fresh start. Don’t think of this as your second or last chance. Pretend this is the first time, but remember the lessons learned from your last attempt.

IMPORTANT: Consider remarks carefully! The grades can go up or DOWN, plus it’s not free to have papers marked again. Consider your finances and the chance of getting the grade you want. Could you afford for that C to drop to a D? If not, you need to accept the grade and move on. If your heart tells you that you deserve a better grade, and you are willing to risk getting a worse mark, good luck.

So you didn’t top the class? So what? Learn from your past mistakes and improve for next time. You’ve got the potential, so use it! You can do it!