The benefits of meditation

The benefits of meditation

You will feel a weight being lifted off your shoulders during the first meditation session, and more experience brings even more benefits. After good preparation, your sessions should bring about the following benefits:

More energy

The high energy after your meditation session is similar to when you wake up in the morning. You feel refreshed, rejuvenated, almost reborn. Both your body and your mind are well rested, and it feels ridiculously good. You need to try it to experience what I’m talking about.

Meditation is very similar to going sleep, but you’re still awake. When you sit up and open your eyes, your entire body feels rejuvenated.

Reduces muscle tension

Meditation involves completely relaxing the muscles, and you can use this technique throughout the day whenever you start to feel stressed. When the tension goes it leaves you with a clearer mind, which allows you to think clearly and rationally so you can make better informed decisions.

Decreases the heart rate

Like the rest of your body, your heart deserves a break once in a while. Your legs, arms, etc all get ‘time off’ when you go to sleep, but organs like your heart obviously go 24/7 365 days a year. That’s why it is so good for your heart when you meditate. Your heart rate slows down and your heart doesn’t have to work as hard as it usually does, which gives it a well earned break.

A clearer mind

The brain is another part of the body that gets some time off. All day our minds are buzzing with energy caused by questions, answers, worries, excitement, problems, solutions, and even more. Then we go to sleep and our dreams and nightmares keep our brains working overtime. By focusing on controlled breaths through meditation, your brain doesn’t have to work even half as hard. When you finish the meditation session, your mind feels almost empty of stress because it’s been purged from your system. As the energy starts to increase, try and focus on the positive thoughts.

Increases positive thought

By following proper meditation techniques you can tap into a fantastic feeling of euphoria. Your worries and problems seem smaller, which makes them much easier to tackle. Your mind fills with positive thoughts, and positivity always leads to progress.

A post-operative healer

After an operation or when you’re recovering from an illness, you may feel quite detached from your body. For example, after having your leg in a cast for a few weeks, you might feel less confident in its movement and capabilities. Meditation gives you a chance to bond with your body again.

If you have no idea where to start, click here for meditation scenarios e.g. on the beach, in the forest, etc. Pick your favourite, combine multiple options, or produce your own ideal meditation exercise from scratch.