Chemically processed hair myths

Chemically processed hair myths

Think you know chemically processed hair? Think again…

Read on to find out whether your knowledge is true or a myth.

Texlaxers = Texturizers

No. Texlaxing involves leaving a relaxer on the hair for a shorter amount of time than you when relaxing. Some people add protein to the relaxer to slow down the processing. Texturizing is done using a texturizer, but you still leave the product on your hair for a shorter amount of time than those relaxing. Decide which option is best for you and go for it.

Texturizers and texlaxers can change hair types

Not true. Some women with afro-textured hair decide to texturize, thinking that they wake up the next day with curls commonly associated with biracial people. Texturisers will loosen your afro hair, but it will NOT turn it into visible/big curls.

Chemically processed hair can’t grow long

On numerous hair forums I have seen people with waist-length processed hair, but this took years and dedication. This hard work growing hair is NOT exclusive to the black race. You will find hair forums where white and Asian people are using tried and true methods to grow to their dream length. If you want to do it, do it.

Natural hair is unmanageable, and processed hair is easy

I used to feel this way until I went natural. Trust me, it’s all in your mind. Use the Natural Hair section of this website to learn how to care for your natural new growth. Learning to love your new growth is easier than hating it as it grows in. Plus treating it better leads to better hair growth retention, which leads to longer hair.

She’s only natural because she’s poor/ a lesbian/ tree hugger

How would you feel if a white man approached you and called you a “Ghetto, single baby momma who loves watermelons!” Exactly… Don’t discriminate or push stereotypes! If you don’t want to be judged, don’t judge others-what goes around will come back around.

Naturals think processed hair means I’m trying to be white

You find ignorant people of all hair types, races, nationalities, etc. I’m sure you could find a natural who feels that way, but why worry about someone so stupid? Just understand that during the slave era people DID use relaxers and headscarves to disguise their hair, so white people would be less likely to discriminate against them. Some women still do this today…

Men with relaxers? Urgh!

Why not? It only seems odd because we are so used to seeing women with relaxers. Some women, possibly even you, believe that their natural hair is unmanageable, so why shouldn’t men with the same hair type feel the same way?

Child relaxers are easier on hair

I’ve heard reports that they can be harsher than ‘adult’ relaxers. When I was younger we used both and eventually stuck with the adult one. Just because there is a little cutie smiling on the cover, doesn’t mean the product is safer for children. If you are determined not to use adult relaxers, wait until your daughter or son is older.

As you can see, there are lots of harmful myths out there. If hair care advice sounds too good to be true or just plain odd, check online before you follow that advice. The time taken to check is nothing in comparison to the months or years to regrow damaged hair.