Dear Maintainer

Dear Maintainer

Meeting Your Goal Weight Is Just The Beginning…

Dear Maintainer,

Greetings from your trusted friend, the Diet Industry!

You finally made it through the dreaded ‘last 15‘! I’m sure meeting your goal weight was one of the happiest moments in your life…What a pity it will be short-lived. I hope.

As you know, I make a living from weight loss and weight gain. All those fad diets, fat loss pills, fitness e-books, body fat/weight/food scales, and, my personal favourite, weight loss surgery, make me billions each year. The boost in January and the summer makes up for the slower periods, but never fear, business is always booming!

So what’s the problem? You. Let me explain…

Now you’re a maintainer, you won’t be spending any more money on all the weight loss and weight gain products. This means I’ll get poorer and poorer until everyone’s gone over to the dark side (a healthy lifestyle). Terrible…We can’t let that happen!

So what’s the solution? Leave this website now and regain the weight. Simple.

I know, I know! You’ve worked so hard to reach your goal weight, but don’t you worry! Regain will be quick and easy. You’ll be back in those fat pants before you know it. Then you can go back to obsessive eating, hours of boring exercise, life-threatening diet pills, and expensive weight loss surgery that might kill you. I can go back to sipping bubbly champagne with my happy Bank Manager on a Caribbean cruise – thanks for funding our trip.

Remember, maintainer, keep losing and regaining forever!

Kind regards,

the Diet Industry

PS. Don’t revisit this website. The owner wants you to maintain your weight forever. That wouldn’t be good for business!