Step 5: Don’t Relapse! Stop Weight Regain Before It’s Too Late

Step 5: Don’t Relapse! Stop Weight Regain Before It’s Too Late

Welcome to Step 5 of the Maintain Weight Forever cycle. This section is about the hardest times on your weight maintenance journey: relapse and weight regain. No one plans on regaining the weight. It just creeps up on you gradually over time until one day you step on the scale and see your starting weight. It happened to me too. I saw 123lbs on the scale in 2011. By 2013, the scale said 223lbs. 23lbs heavier than when I’d started losing weight.

I don’t want you to regain like I did. By following the advice on this page, you can stop weight regain before it goes too far. A temporary relapse won’t hurt. It happens, especially during tough times like a death in the family. Tough times never last but weight regain can. Nip any relapse in the bud quickly. Start today. Not tomorrow. Waiting until tomorrow made me regain 100 pounds and 20 more on top.

This section covers the following areas:

Watch Your Back!
Overeating and Binge Eating Recovery

This is another section you’ll be referring back to regularly on your weight maintenance journey. Here is everything you need to stop weight regain and prevent too many relapses. If you’re currently going through a relapse, just take a deep breath and try to stay calm. Read these articles to get back on track asap. If you’re reading this before a relapse or regain, good for you! You can prepare before the worst happens.

Watch Your Back!

When you lose weight, it’s easy to think you’re just like everyone else. You don’t see them counting calories, exercising often or weighing weekly. But you’re not like everyone else. You’re different. You have lost that stubborn fat, but you can easily gain it all back. This section is all about reminding you that fat can come back, and it will if you go back to your old ways.

You’ll Never Be NormalSuccessful maintainers know this!

We’ll regain the weight. Every pound and more.Can you handle this truth?

The No.1 Way to Stop Relapse Turning into Weight RegainOnly takes one second!

Overeating and Binge Eating Recovery

A major cause of relapse and regain is overeating and binge eating. Too many calories come in and get stored in the body as fat. Getting fatter makes us feel worse, so we eat more food to cope. Eating more food means more weight gain. The cycle continues for hundreds of pounds until we’re back at square one. That’s why the best way to stop weight regain is by stopping overeating. That’s why this section focuses on issues you might have with food.

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Go Off Plan for a HoliDAY, Not the Whole SeasonHave your cake and eat it too!

You’ve reached the end of Step 5. Well done!

You’ve worked very hard through Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4 and Step 5. Reread Step 5 and Step 4 monthly to stay on track. Remember, fat is always waiting to come back. By staying on guard, you’ll stop weight regain long before it happens. Relapse will happen on special occasions like your birthday, holidays, etc.