Goal Weight

Goal Weight


After battling the last 15, you’ve finally reached your goal weight. No more dreaming of that new wardrobe, wondering what you’ll look like or obsessing over the scale. Now you’re ready to maintain your weight forever…So what should you do now?

Quit exercising? Stop watching food portions? Ditch the scale and measuring tape? Live like your naturally thin friends?

Yes to all the above, if you want to regain the weight…

Despite what many people think, meeting your goal HASN’T changed your entire life. Inside, you’re not like your naturally skinny friends. Don’t ever forget that! The only thing that’s changed is your size, but that will easily change back if you fall off the wagon. Your body gravitates towards being fat because of your genes and bad habits. Accept that and maintain forever anyway!

Always remember where you’re coming from so you never go back. YOU are in control. The scale and measuring tape won’t creep up unless you allow them to. Don’t ever let them!