3 Ways to Upgrade Your Wardrobe on a Budget

3 Ways to Upgrade Your Wardrobe on a Budget

A new body means new clothes! After months saying, “Goodbye!” to your old wardrobe, you’ve met your goal and entered weight maintenance. Unfortunately, now your clothes are either too big (after fat loss) or too small (after fat gain). You try on outfit after outfit after outfit, but nothing fits or makes you feel good. Frustrated and disappointed, you settle for an outfit that looks ‘Okay’.

“Why not just update your wardrobe?” some might say.

Because you can’t afford to.

It’s sad that some maintainers can’t afford a new wardrobe straight away. After years wearing whatever fits instead of what looks good, you’ve finally broken free from that mindset and have the body to wear whatever you want. Now your dress size and confidence aren’t holding you back: your bank balance is.

No need to worry, though. I understand how irritating it is to stick with your old clothes because money is tight, but here are 3 ways to update your wardrobe on a budget. These tips suit current and future maintainers, so keep this in mind if you want to buy an item of clothing before you meet your goal weight.

1. Charity or Thrift Stores

When I was younger, people used to mock others who shopped at places like Oxfam. Buying from charity stores and wearing second-hand goods suggested you were poor, so purchases from there were kept on the down low…Now it’s the opposite! Getting a bargain whilst helping the poor is the smart thing to do. I just browsed a local¬†charity’s website¬†and saw some great deals on there. There was also free delivery (with the option to donate if you like…), plus you’re helping less fortunate people get their human right to basics like water, food, and shelter. Now that’s what I call Guilt-Free Shopping!

2. Bid and Auction Websites

To be honest, I’ve never bought on Ebay, but a quick look on there and other auction websites shows there are great bargains. Designer clothes others paid hundreds for can be bought for huge discounts, which means you’ll get a lot more for a lot less.

Another bonus is that you’ll be helping the ‘little guy’. Many independent shops are going bust because the big, multi-national corporations can afford to slash prices and sell in bulk, and that’s before the sales have begun! Help the more personal, more approachable local stores by taking part in their auctions.

3. Tailored Clothes: A Tailor or DIY?

I have a pair of white trousers that I LOVE. Recently I tried them on and I could’ve fit someone else in there with me (a small person, but still…). The thought of giving those pants away sucks, but there’s another option: Have them tailored! Not only do you save money spent buying a new wardrobe, but also get to keep outfits which have sentimental value.

Are your local tailors too expensive? Guess where you can find one for free…Yes, your own house! Another option is to tailor the clothes yourself. Not only will this save even more money, but also let your creative juices flow while you’re having fun! You’ll get some great ideas from the internet, and other pieces in your wardrobe might be inspiration while you’re sewing, sticking, and knitting away. The results will be clothes which are brand new and original. No one likes show up at a party dressed like someone else, but that won’t happen if your clothes are inspired and made by you. Finally you’ve got the chance to create your own style, so go crazy and think way outside the box.

There you have it! 3 ways to update your wardrobe on a budget. Now there’s no need to wait months or years to wear some nice new clothes, or be disappointed by getting rid of the clothes you love. These tips mean you can help the less fortunate, buy clothes before you meet your goal weight, and help independent shops and boutiques. Most importantly, your bank balance will stay out of the red! If new clothes aren’t helping you adjust to being a new size, try these tips here. Good luck, maintainer!