5 Signs You’re Ready for Weight Maintenance

5 Signs You’re Ready for Weight Maintenance

Your weight loss journey has been tough, but now the end is in sight. Much to your surprise, you catch a glimpse of your reflection and like, possibly LOVE, what you see. You planned on losing another 10 pounds, but your new look shows you’re fine at a heavier weight.

No wonder you’re confused! Your big plans have suddenly changed. Should you keep losing weight to see the difference another 15lbs will make? Are you really happy as you are, or just grateful for not being where you once were? Are loved ones saying you’ve lost enough, but your heart says otherwise? So many questions, so little answers…until now.
Here are 5 signs you’re ready for weight maintenance:

Can you stay as you are?

Imagine that you never lost another pound. Toss your goal weight aside and accept where you are now. Could you live with yourself (inside and out)? Or would you wonder, “What if I lost more…?” If you’re happy now then start weight maintenance. On the other hand, if you want to see the difference another 10 pounds might make then keep working towards your goal weight. Imagining your goal weight isn’t the same as experiencing it.

Are the last 10 pounds worth it?

Losing the last 10 pounds is tough because your body resists change when you’re close to your goal weight. Another problem is being content as you are. Right now I’ve got another 15lbs to go, but my body isn’t that bad right now. My fat rolls and legs chafing used to be major motivation, but now they’ve gone and left behind a body that’s not perfect, but ‘normal’ fully clothed. Being okay with my present body makes me wonder whether the last 10 pounds are worth it. If you’re not willing to make the final struggle to the finish line then weight maintenance, even temporarily, is the best option.

Do you need fat loss or muscle gain?

Losing more weight won’t make a difference if you’re ‘skinny fat’. Losing fat won’t improve your appearance unless you increase the muscle mass underneath. Gaining muscle requires eating 10-20% over your maintenance calorie intake and lifting heavy weights with low reps. Unfortunately, you’ll gain some fat with the muscle, but return to weight loss after your muscle gain to see the fantastic results!

Are you clothes shopping already?

Many people won’t buy a new wardrobe until they meet their goal weight. Unless you’re financially comfortable or wealthy, you wouldn’t buy lots of new clothes to wear for only a few months. Revamping your wardrobe earlier might be a sign you’re ready to maintain your current size .

Are you ready for weight maintenance?

You’ll know when you’re ready for weight maintenance. You won’t have to ask. You’ll say, “Enough is enough. I’m done.” You won’t suddenly wake up and know your weight loss (or weight gain) journey is over, but over time it’ll become clearer until you answer the last question with “Yes, I am”.

Think over each question carefully. Remember, you can always change your mind.You may stay at your current weight for a while, wake up one morning and say, “I’ll go for another 10…” Or you may meet your original goal weight, start weight maintenance, and then decide your goal isn’t right for you. Either way, the decision isn’t final until you say so.