Go Off Plan for a HoliDAY, Not the Whole Season

Go Off Plan for a HoliDAY, Not the Whole Season

This is a quick reminder that you don’t have to stay within your maintenance calorie range every single day. One day off from calorie counting and exercise isn’t going to cause permanent weight relapse or regain. Remember, you’re maintaining your weight forever, not just for Christmas.

One day in forever is nothing. 1 day in the rest of your life (20,000days+) is tiny. Eating 3000 calories for one day when you usually eat 1500 isn’t going to ruin your weight journey. It might even be good for you

Relax and take things easy this holiDAY. The only time going off plan hurts your weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance progress is when your DAY off becomes a WEEK off, which turns into a MONTH off and then the YEAR has gone by and you’re back to square one.

As long as you get back on track by Boxing Day, or the day after whichever special occasion you’re celebrating, the weight fluctuation will be temporary water weight, which goes away when you start counting calories and exercising again. The longer you stay off plan, the harder it’ll be to stop indulging on snacks and lazing about with everyone else. When you slip back into old habits, a holiDAY weight relapse turns into Holiday SEASON weight regain

Personally, I always take the holiDAY off, and I’ve seen other successful maintainers relax during the holiDAY season too. I might even take New Year’s DAY off too. My weight goes up because of the extra food I’ve eaten, but within four days the scale drops and I’m back to my maintenance range. How? By getting right back on plan on Boxing Day: count those calories and hit the gym. These days off plan work throughout the year for every special occasion – birthdays, vacations, etc – and unexpected events like funerals.

Enjoy your holiDAY!