3 ways to cope with excellent exam results

3 ways to cope with excellent exam results

Congratulations! Your hard work paid off in a really impressive way. Now you can see how those hours upon hours of revision, seminars, lectures, and further reading are worth it in the end.

1. No ego allowed
Don’t let it go to your head! Getting fantastic grades is… fantastic, but it is not excuse to relax and take it easy. When more exams come around, work just as hard as you did last time. There is no point in doing well now but ruining your hard work later. Whenever you feel like taking it easy, remind yourself of how good it feels seeing those excellent marks under your name.

2. What went right?
When things go badly we usually take note of what went wrong, so do the opposite. Look back at your revision techniques, practise papers, etc and keep note of what contributed towards your great success. Make sure that you do the same next time, and even better if you can.

3. Spread the love

Some say that the best way to learn is to teach. You could offer your tuition services to others in return for freebies e.g. a free haircut, beauty products, videogames, and anything else that appeals to you. Or you could charge money, but keep it reasonable because many students are broke. Look out for anyone who failed or needs to resit. I’m sure they would appreciate your guidance during such difficult times, but remember that your work must always come first.

Now you can see that there’s more to do besides celebrating. Help others AND yourself by using your smart brain for the greater good. Others will appreciate it and you’ll feel even better…if that’s possible.