A Healthy Diet

A Healthy Diet

If you are looking for fad diets then you’ve come to the wrong place. They cause drastic weight loss, but once you come off them the weight comes flooding back. Many people regain the weight plus more, leaving them heavier than before they started. Not to mention that eating very little, as these fad diets often recommend, may damage you internally. Your body cannot fuel your day-to-day living AND regular exercise unless you provide it with the necessary nutrition. Overall, diets do the complete opposite of what they advertise. Instead of being healthier, slender and more satisfied, you’re left unhealthier, back to your starting weight and thoroughly disappointed in yourself.

There is another way.

Fuel your body
NEVER eat less than 1200 calories a day. Women need 1200 calories a day to survive. That is the minimum amount the body needs to function, or it’ll start to shut down. This is why people with eating disorders lose their hair, menstrual cycles and healthy appearance. Instead of eating less than 1200, you’ll need to exercise more.

Cheat days
A study showed that those who have cheat days maintained more than those who go without. Cheat days are not necessary, but I recommend them. It’s nice to enjoy a day without counting calories or exercising. It is the perfect time to enjoy your usual temptations. Cheat days won’t disrupt your progress- I still lost weight every week, even on the rare occasion when I had two cheat days a week.

Enjoy your food
Don’t stick with ‘rabbit food’ or you’ll end up bingeing on food. You can enjoy your favourite food in moderation, and if they’re fattening then they’ll have to be rare treats. If you deny yourself something, you’ll want it even more. if you want some chocolate, break off a piece. A few nibbles won’t kill you. Alternatively, walk away and distract yourself until the craving goes away.

Eat all food groups
Every food group, vitamin and nutrient plays a part in our body’s functions, so don’t purposely cut anything out. Diets always tell you to cut out fat or carbohydrates, but they’re both vital! Fats cushion our internal organs and provide energy, and carbs provide massive amounts of energy, which is why some athletes consume carb heavy food before competing. How can you exercise if your body is too tired? Carbs will give you fuel to burn the bad fat off. Also, consume a healthy amount of protein as well, because protein helps build those fantastic muscles and gives you gorgeous hair and fingernails in the process.

Fat: Protein: Carbohydrates. This is not gospel, but a ratio to aim for. Healthy lifestyle websites should display your daily ratio when you have entered the foods you consumed that day into their calorie tracker.

Wanting to provide your body with all the vitamins and nutrients is great, but relying on pills is not the best way to do it. Try to get everything your body needs from food before turning to pills. This way you can be certain of what you’re putting into your body, and you get to eat a larger variety of food in order to get everything you need.

Drink water
You don’t have to drink 8 glasses a day, because your body also gets water from your food. Aim for at least 4 and let the rest be a bonus. Carry around a bottle of water whenever you go out and refill it as soon as you get home. If you dislike the taste of water, add some freshly squeezed fruits to improve the taste.

Don’t expect yourself to suddenly start drinking tons of water a day. First, aim for one glass of water for every other beverage your drink. Second, aim for two glasses of water for every other beverage you consume. Eventually you may find that you only drink water, but that’s not completely necessary.

Remember that drinks add to your calories consumed for the day, unlike water which has no calories whatsoever. Alcohol contributes A LOT to your total, so keep that in mind when you go out to parties.

Living a healthy lifestyle takes time, so be patient until your healthy diet comes naturally. It WILL, you’ll see. Keep up your good habits until everything falls into place.