Weight Loss Plateaus 101

Weight Loss Plateaus 101

Eventually your body adjusts to your exercise routine and calorie consumption. Everything that shocked it into losing/gaining suddenly doesn’t work anymore. Now is the time to switch things up. Click here for tips on how to get back on track.

Things you can try:
-Try a brand new exercise e.g. If you do aerobics, try running instead.

-Lift heavier weights and don’t worry about getting as muscular as a man because women don’t have enough testosterone for that to happen.

-Try interval training e.g. Run as fast as you can for 1min, go slower for 2mins, sprint again for 1min, etc.

-Look at your levels of carbs, fat and protein. I’ve read that one woman struggled to lose, increased her protein and started to lose again.

-Look at how active you are outside of your workouts. I used to be very sedentary throughout the holidays and lost nothing, but now I walk or cycle almost everywhere and keep the extra weight off.

-Have you been counting calories accurately enough? I used to estimate what I thought was 200ml of milk but then I actually measured and realised it was 400ml. You cannot afford to eat outside your range, so measure and weigh everything you consume, just to be on the safe side.

-Try calorie cycling for a while. Eat the higher end, then the lower, higher, lower, etc. Eating at the high end reassures your body that you aren’t starving, just eating less. Then eating at the lower end creates the deficit needed to lose.

Try EVERYTHING and don’t give up. Don’t stop trying to find the problem until it’s been solved. It might take a few more weeks, but trying different things is better than staying still and getting nowhere. You’ve got nothing to lose but weight. Keep trying to bust that plateau!