How to Maintain Weight Forever

How to Maintain Weight Forever

Weight maintenance is not easy.

Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but it’s true. Whilst losing or gaining you have goals to meet, the excitement of buying new a wardrobe and people complimenting your new appearance. Then that all ends.

Now your wardrobe isn’t so new, you’ve met all your weight-related goals, and people have gotten used to you being slender and toned, so the compliments stop.

To find your maintenance level, multiply your weight by 10. This is what you need to eat from now on. If you keep gaining or losing at this weight, adjust the calories until it stops.

Goal RANGE, not weight
Aiming to stay at one weight forever is impossible. Your period, salt intake and factors beyond your control will cause you to gain weight, whether you like or not. This is why you should stick to a set range instead of a particular weight. For instance, if you want to be 125lbs, stay in a range of 123-127lbs. If you go over or under this range, time to reassess your weight management system.

Set more goals
Now that your weight goal and/or body fat percentage has been met, set new goals. These goals can be about absolutely anything. Maybe you want to learn to swim. Maybe you want to exercise for longer. Maybe you want to cook a new meal. Set a nice range of goals with deadlines to meet.

Weigh regularly
It’s been proven that those who weigh on a regular basis maintain more for longer. The more you see the scale, the more accountable you will be. You’re less likely to fall into bad habits when you must face the scale at the end of the week. Weighing everyday is unhealthy, but at least once a month is a good idea. Do what works for you.

Keep honest company
Tell your loved ones to be completely honest about your weight. If you start falling off the wagon and fail to notice, they need to step in and tell you. It’s tough love. When they speak up, don’t bite their heads off and get all defensive or they won’t help again.

Keep old pictures close by
After I lost weight I saw a picture of my old self, and felt disgusted, to be honest. I NEVER want to be there again. Keep those old photographs nearby as a reminder of how far you’ve come.

Reward yourself every anniversary
Celebrate every year at your goal weight. You’ve done well staying there for 365 days, so buy yourself something extra special. Have you spotted a cute new dress? Do you need new exercise gear? What about a holiday? No matter how big or small your budget is, treat yourself accordingly.

More exercise needed
People who are maintaining need to continue with the same amount of exercise or do even more. This is why it’s so important to be realistic when losing weight. Whatever you do must be for life.

Support others
On weight loss websites, maintainers are few and far between. Yes, some have regained the weight, but others are so busy enjoying their new dress size that they forget the rest of us. Never forget. Use your experience and knowledge to help others. You never know, one day you may need their help in return. Visit theĀ weight maintenance section for support!

Following these tips should keep you maintaining forever. You have worked too long and hard to start from the beginning again, so don’t let yourself down. Stay in your goal weight range and be an inspiration to others.