3 websites for free workouts

3 websites for free workouts

Workout DVDs can be quite expensive, especially when they come for equipment you didn’t ask for and won’t use. If you want to workout for FREE then you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top four websites for free workout videos.


They feature shorter videos that last approx 15mins, but they advise you to repeat the entire video 1-2 more times. There seems to be more focus on cardio than strength training, but the exercises were very effective. Another plus is the lack of equipment used, so there’s no need to run around looking for weights, steps, bands, etc for every video.


The best thing about their videos is that the instructor, Nicole, is a member of the website, and you can read more about her personal battle with weight at the dailyspark blog, Spark’s sister site. The videos are less than ten minutes long, target specific parts of the body, work both sides evenly, and her cueing is on point. You’ll work hard for these ten minutes. If you join the website you can log the calories you burn doing these videos into the website.


Yes, youtube. Many companies upload clips from their workouts on youtube, so you can try before you buy. The clips can last from a minute to ten. This doesn’t sound very long, but when you do four or five clips in a row the time flies by and burns 300+ calories with it. There’s so much variety to keep you interested. You’ll find aerobics, dance, yoga, walking, and almost anything else you search for.


A great place for free workouts that are available to buy. The videos range from one to forty minutes long, so you can fit your exercise into the busiest days. There is a wide variety of workouts including yoga, kickboxing, aerobics and dance. The videos load VERY quickly so once you start the video it’s time to go! If you love the instructor, just click their name and see their other routines. You’ll need to pay to download the clips, but some are less than two dollars!

Now there’s no excuse not to workout. If you can’t get to the gym, come online and exercise from the comfort of your own home. If you can’t afford DVDs, these are here for free. If you want a different instructor every day of the week, you can do that easily. Enjoy!