How To Prepare A Hot Workout Playlist

How To Prepare A Hot Workout Playlist

Exercising can be hard work, but using your favourite music to pass the time is an effective way to pass the time. I will list songs I recommend, but remember to do what suits your taste. I will NEVER post links to download illegal copies, and any post doing so will be deleted. Youtube and other video links are fine.

Warming up should be slow and gradual. Don’t put something uptempo. Start with a slow jam instead. After one or two slow jams or ballads, move on to mid-tempo numbers. Keep progressing until you reach dance tracks that get your heart pumping.

Main workout
Every fast track you can think of should play in this section. Anything you’d hear at the clubs, out with friends and even when when you’re hitting the freeway is perfect for getting you pumped up. The adrenaline will push you whenever you feel down, and the workout will be over before you know it. I can easily dance for almost two hours- including my warm-up and cool down- when I have great music. If you usually stay with exercise DVDS, your favourite tunes will be the ideal way to breakaway from boredom.

Cool down
The complete opposite of the warm-up. Don’t jump straight from a dance track to a ballad/slow jam. Every two or three songs, decrease the tempo. This is the ideal time to start stretching, always before your body cools down. End the workout with the slowest songs you have. If you want to continue with fast tracks, don’t exercise along with the pace, just sing-a-long. A great time to exercise those vocals.

Remember to keep focused on being safe and practising an effective technique. Getting into the mood is a good feeling, but getting injured due to lack of concentration will sap that feeling away. Have fun exercising and watch the time fly by!