What’s the best weight loss or gain website?

What’s the best weight loss or gain website?

After losing over forty pounds with the help of fantastic people from various websites, I have decided to share the BEST websites for weight loss, gain or maintenance.They are FREE. If you want your website included, please email us today. We cannot guarantee that you will be accepted, but every submission will be considered.


One of the BIGGEST weight maintenance websites out there! I started my journey using this website. When Sparkpeople say it’s free, they mean it’s FREE. The only time you may want to spend some cash is by buying their book, workout DVD, and/or merchandise. Otherwise, everything else is 100% free! There are charts to document your progress, groups for a variety of people, tickers to show your progress to all, articles to read, trivia, blogs, massive forums, and you even get your own Sparkpage where you can keep a diary, photos and anything else about you.

3 Fat Chicks

Unlike Sparkpeople, this is a forum not a website, but it is just as informative because you are amongst people who know what they’re talking about. It has the usual sub-forums e.g. exercise, strength training, weight loss surgery, off-topic, but there is one area that is a MUST SEE for everyone who wants to maintain their new lifestyle for LIFE: the Maintenance forum!! 95% of people regain the weight they’ve lost, but some of these maintainers on 3 Fat Chicks have successfully maintained for YEARS, one or two have done so for DECADES. Whether you join the forum or not, check out the Maintenance area to see what is waiting for you when you reach your goal weight.

These are two of the best weight maintenance forums I belong to. For free websites, they offer A LOT and will be extremely useful to anyone looking to get fit. I have joined MANY weight loss websites and forums over the past ten years, but these are my favourites. When I fell off the wagon in the past, these were the websites I returned to first.