Healthy Black Education

Healthy Black Education

A healthy black education is vital! Knowledge is power. You are powerful. More education, more power. And no one can ever take it away from you.

Want to drop out? Nowadays employers want qualifications in everything whether you’re scrubbing a toilet or sweeping the streets. Not to mention jobs closed to anyone who doesn’t have a diploma or degree. Uneducated people need not apply!

What if your job doesn’t require a qualification?

An education isn’t just about jobs. An education teaches you valuable lessons about life. Maths skills help with money management. English Language helps with reading and writing. Science know-how shows how the world works. For a black woman, you must know our History or you’re doomed to repeat it!

Healthy Black Education Advice

Here are articles on building a strong black education. Boosting your mind academically involves facing difficulties like revision woes, exam stress, disorganisation.

General Education Advice

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Finished boosting your brainpower?

Well done! By now you should be better at various skills including studying and giving presentations. Presentation skills help more than your education. They’ll also impress when you gain employment!

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