Healthy Black Employment

Healthy Black Employment

Healthy black employment pays well. Whether you’re employed or self-employed, black businesswomen are doing big things. One of the richest black women in the world earns $180,000 a year leasing one property. Yes, one property!

What’s your dream career? What’s your ultimate business plan? You can succeed at whatever you want. Black women before you achieved big things. Time for us to take it to another level! We’re setting the benchmark for future black women.

Healthy Black Employment Advice

Here’s information for black businesswomen. Employment topics include dealing with coworkers and how to find the perfect job. Also see relevant education topics e.g. public speaking skills.

Working Relationships

3 Ways to Deal with CoworkersMake your job easier now!

Successful Job Searching

How to Choose a JobFind the right career!

7 Vital Job Search and Networking TipsGet started now!

Climb the Career Ladder

12 Best Qualities of an Iconic EntertainerGet what it takes!

Will Success Make You Happy?Maybe not…

The right career path will boost your earning potential…

You’ll be tempted to give up on your career. It happens when things get tough. We all have doubts, wondering if it’s all worth it. Remember your job is an investment in your future. Every paycheck boosts your retirement fund and pays off the mortgage. Your success also provides a better future for your family. Your kids won’t struggle like you because of the nest egg you’ll provide.

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