Healthy Black Finance

Healthy Black Finance

Healthy black finance means you’re financially secure. You’re smart with money. Even if you earn minimum wage you make it work. You don’t need a big check, just good money management.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a tight budget or earning thousands a month. We can all learn more about money management. Even the biggest earners can lose it all overnight.

Healthy Black Finance Advice

This section shows how to be smart with your money. I offer advice the everyday black woman can follow easily. For expert advice, please consult with a professional financial advisor. Don’t hire the first one you find! Shop around and do your research.

General Finance Information

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Cut Your Expenses

6 Ways to Control Your ExpensesGet started today!

Boost Your Savings

3 Ways to Boost Your SavingsSave more money!

How will you boost your finances?

It doesn’t cost a lot of money. Unless you win the lottery, you have to budget and make a low or medium-income work. In time you’ll be up there with those big earners. You might be the next black female billionaire someday.

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By now you’ve probably worked through every topic in the Mind section. You could re-read any sections you need. Or move on to improving your fitness.