Healthy Black Hair Care

Healthy Black Hair Care

Healthy black hair care doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Many hair gurus and companies make our hair care seem very hard. Why? Because customers pay more money if something is “hard”. They think paying more makes their hair “easier”. It doesn’t. At least not for everyone.

Healthy Black Queens is about affordable, low maintenance hair care. If you want “new school” recommendations (organic products, oil, butters, conditioner only, etc), you’ll find that here. If you want “old school” advice (hair grease, blow dryers, etc), you’ll find that here too. Just pick what works for you.

Healthy Black Hair Care

This page has articles on how to care for black hair. Remember, black people have hair that thrives just like everyone else’s. Our hair is just as beautiful as everyone else’s.

Basic Hair Care Information

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Styling Your Hair

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Treating Hair Loss

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The Black Hair Community

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What should you read next?

Trial and error teach us what our hair really loves. When I say “our” hair, I mean our hair on each one of our heads. Every head of hair is unique. Nobody in the world has hair like yours. No one. Even twins have different hair. No one can predict what your hair loves, so experiment until you find out. Don’t just copy others. What works for them might not work for you.

More articles will be added over time. When you’ve completed everything, return to the main Hair section for more hair care advice. Once you’ve completed those, you’ll be ready to develop your healthy mind and healthy body regimen.