Healthy Black Hair

Healthy Black Hair

This section is all about working towards ‘good hair’. Before you press the BACK button and leave the website, note that by ‘good hair’ I mean healthy. Healthy black hair doesn’t break off, shed like crazy, feel crispy/dry or look like it’s in a poor state.

Not everything I say will work for you because everyone’s hair is different. The best way to learn is to try, so always experiment and see what suits your hair. You’ve got nothing to lose by trying, especially if your hair is in a bad condition at the moment.

Healthy Black Hair Care

There are many myths about our hair. Don’t believe them! Black people grow long, beautiful hair just like everyone else. All you need is some good hair tips to start your healthy hair journey.

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Healthy Natural Hair Care

Not everyone has been natural since birth. If you’ve always been a naturalista, good for you. You can still pick up tips and learn more about caring for your lovely locks.

For everyone else, going natural is an amazing journey. The transition from relaxed or texturized hair takes a mental and physical change. It might seem hard, but it’s not. Whether you’re going or staying natural, this section has great advice for you.

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Healthy Relaxed, Texturized and Texlaxed Hair Care

Not everyone wants natural hair, and that’s just fine. If you prefer loosening your texture or straightening it completely, here’s valuable advice to maintain healthy hair throughout the chemical process.

Many people think chemically processed hair doesn’t require maintenance, but it does. It’s not easier or harder than natural hair, it’s just different. Follow these tips to help your relaxed, texturized or texlaxed hair thrive.

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Healthy Hair Extensions and Wig Care

Some people prefer wearing hair extensions and wigs. For whatever reason, they don’t like to wear their real hair out on a regular basis. Reasons for this include alopecia, thinning edges, bald patches, and medical treatments like chemotherapy.

Just because the hair isn’t real doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be cared for. Hair extensions and wigs can be costly, so preserve them for as long as possible.

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Take it to the next level…

Work through each article or just the ones you need help with. Once you’ve achieved your hair goals, you’re well on your way to healthy black hair. Your next focus should be on a healthy black body or a healthy black mind. Revisit previous sections regularly to maintain your new positive lifestyle.