2 thoughts on “The Best Hair Tips to Suit Every Hair Type

  1. One of my favorite growth aids:

    I have used this in pill form on/off for over a year. I have experienced rapid phenomenal growth!

    It will make hair grow rapidly, EVERYWHERE. I know I’d shave my armpits and within the week, hair would grow right back!
    Vivid/Scary dreams. My dreams were always more vivid on Biotin, some have had nightmares while using

    You have to take everyday. They claim its not water soluble, but I noticed that once I stopped, my hair grew even faster.

    Extremely affordable, 1,000MCG cost $3.64 at Walmart, 5,000MG is $8 I believe

    Pill Form

  2. I’m not sure if I should try it or not. My growth is slooooooow. The average growth across all races is 6 inches a year and mine is 4. I’ve got hair under my chin which is visible, and a few hairs on my face. Plus my hairy arms lol. I don’t want them getting out of control…

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