The Basics of Alopecia

The Basics of Alopecia

Alopecia is excess hair loss. Unlike hair loss that naturally occurs when people age, alopecia can happen to anyone of any age, race, or gender.

The following may cause alopecia:
-Incorrectly applied hair relaxers, texturisers and texlaxers. Some find that even following the instructions supplied in the hair chemical boxes leads to hair loss.
-Iron deficiency
-Trichotillomania (person pulls their own hair out over time)
-Traction alopecia from hair extensions pulling on the hair

If you are losing hair, DON’T PANIC. Some people experience temporary alopecia due to stress and circumstances in their lives. Think back over the past few months and determine how your life has changed. Are you eating different foods? Any unexpected weight loss or gain? Any history of anaemia or other deficiencies? Have you started a new job?

Go to your doctor to be professionally diagnosed. If you are found to be experiencing alopecia, remain calm. There are many hair extensions out there to conceal your condition. Some women choose to go bald instead of using hair extensions.

Let the hair fall out or shave it off? You need to sit down and think about this. Over time strands of your hair will fall out. By shaving the hair off, YOU get to decide when it leaves your scalp. It gives you back the power lost through this condition. If shaving it off is too scary a thought, cut it off gradually. Trim an inch or two every 2-4 weeks until you reach a style you are comfortable with.

IMPORTANT:long hair does not make you more of a woman. Breasts, a vagina, ovaries, menstrual cycles, high levels of oestrogen and the way you feel inside make you a woman. A secure woman can wear long, short or no hair whatsoever. Insecure people hide behind their hair.