4 Ways to Tie Your Hair

4 Ways to Tie Your Hair

Sometimes your hair just won’t stay in place no matter what you do! Here are four ways to tie your hair and keep your face free of those strands. Whether you want to tie your hair back for the day or seal the ends of your plaits/twists, here are your options. The final option is for synthetic hair extensions only.

Elastic bands

Almost everyone has elastic bands at home. If you want something more colourful, you can buy a rainbow of colours from the store. The bands will also be smaller than those for office/industrial use. I would not recommend elastic bands for use in human hair. It can tear the hair out if removed incorrectly. If they get tangled, cutting is the only option…Not only will you lose the elastic band, but also lose your hair.

Hair bands

The option I’d highly recommend. No frayed ends, hard baubles, burning or anything else complicated. The only drawback is that eventually they’ll be stretched so far that they won’t bounce back. That’s when you need new ones. They come in large, medium, and small sizes, and are available in a countless number of colours. They are cheap to buy!

Hair baubles

These are hair bands with coloured plastic balls on both ends. Each ball is attached to a loop of the hair band. Push the ball through the opposite loop to tie it around the hair. This eventually leads to the hair band becoming frayed, so look out for tiny white parts of it breaking away, otherwise it’ll end up in your hair. Also, they are hard to sleep on, so keep that in mind. I’ve never seen an adult wear hair baubles.

Burning ends

ONLY FOR SYNTHETIC HAIR EXTENSIONS! This involves using a flame to burn the ends of your hair. The hair melts together, sealing the plait to prevent it from uncurling. You must be careful when you swing your hair because the burnt ends will give you a good smack in the face. You will need to cut the ends off to undo your hair, so be careful not to burn close to your real hair.

Those are 4 popular ways people tie their hair and the ends. Stock up on them all if you like. Don’t waste money on really fancy, expensive hair ties. Hair bands never seem to last very long for me, but they’re so cheap that it doesn’t matter when they break. Just make sure you have enough when you need them.