How to Find a Good Hairdresser

How to Find a Good Hairdresser

If you have read over the this page, you should know which hairdressers you need to avoid. If your hairstylist falls under any of those categories, you need to find a replacement ASAP!

Instead of rushing into another poor quality hair salon, take time out to do your homework first.

1. Get a variety of opinions

Get as many HONEST and UNBIASED opinions as you possibly can. Ask a variety of people, not just family and friends who have a similar social network as yourself. Remember that the hairstylist’s loved ones may have a biased few of her, so keep that in mind. After asking everyone you know, go online and get more opinions and reviews. If you want someone to provide more information, ask nicely and they may reply. If not, ask others instead.

2. Try before you buy

Before handing over your money, secretly try them on a trial basis. Check in to look around and read over the price list. Maintaining your cover, keep an eye on the running of the business. How long is it before someone greets you? How do the stylists handle customers’ hair? Do any hairdressers arrive late? What is the atmosphere like? Would you stay for hours?

If you are unimpressed, cross them off your list. Businesses tend to be nicer to new customers than old, faithful ones, so keep that mind. On the other hand, you do not want butt kissers. You just want to someone with great work ethic and skills; a person you could turn to in a hair emergency. If she talks down to you, intimidates you or generally makes you feel unwelcome, go elsewhere.

3. Baby steps

At this stage you have decided which hair salon could be ‘the one’. Before you risk your hair progress, remember to take baby steps. Get simple/cheap style done to see what the service is like as a customer. If you end up regretting this, at least you lost a small amount of money and/or hair. You live and you learn. Remember to watch other stylists too! You never know when your favourite hairdresser is too busy/fully booked to pencil you in.

4. Consider the competition

Try other salons too. Do not assume that the first great place you find is the one for you. A better run, more skilled and/or hairdresser could be out there, so keep looking. Only you can decide when you are tired of looking.

Compare the top contenders. Write pros and cons of each one: distance, price, stylist’s skills, hygiene, time-keeping, organisation, atmosphere, and anything else.

5. Get glammed up!

Try and put bad hairdresser memories behind you, but keep in mind the signs of a poor stylist. ALWAYS face the mirror while she is styling or turn regularly to see progress before it is too late to make changes. Speak up if you are unhappy, and if she is too tough, get your stuff and leave. She is working for you, not the other way around.

If you have been let down by a hairdresser, hold no grudges against other stylists. Thorough research should prevent it happening again. At the end of the day, the only way to know is to try. If you still can’t find a good hairdresser, why not go the DIY hair care route?