3 benefits of exercise

3 benefits of exercise

Exercise can greatly improve your frame of mind. There are many different exercises you can choose from, but here I will focus some of the potential benefits of exercising.

The benefits of exercise are mainly for the body, for example: Less risk of cancer, high cholesterol, healthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels, and a big boost to the immune system.

The benefits for your mind include:

1. You look better, which leads to much better self esteem.

2. Exercise gives you an opportunity to work off stress, so your mind has a well earned break from your worries. Less stress means that you function better in other areas, such as work, college or even your love life.

3. Exercise requires that you to keep pushing yourself, in order to keep getting results. Every time that you meet a target/goal, it boosts your self belief and confidence in what you’re capable of. This motivation can be transferred to other areas in your life.

When exercise is tough or boring, and you’re tempted to give it up, remember these important benefits. Be patient through the bad times until you succeed! The body of your dreams awaits…