7 ways to motivate yourself

7 ways to motivate yourself

Healthy minds thrive on motivation. When times are rough, motivation keeps you going. When others try to damage your self esteem, motivation keeps you going. When the finishing line seems far, FAR away, motivation keeps you going.

Here are 7 ways to motivate yourself.

Notes around the home

This involves sticking helpful notes around your house, work area, in the car, or anywhere else where temptation arises. For example, stick a note which says, “Nobody looks perfect” on your bedroom mirror.

Diary entries

Start a diary. This could be on the internet in the form of a blog or in a notebook. The benefits of a blog is that you can share your story worldwide, which will inspire others who are getting fit and healthy. The benefit of a notebook diary is that you can write anything and never fear who will read it.

Goal list

Celebrating reaching a goal is a GREAT motivator. To keep yourself pumped and motivated, it’s great to have many goals; for example, instead of aiming to never be negative ever again, celebrate every pessimistic thought that is cut short. Smaller goals are much easier to manage so you’re less likely to quit. Which one would you rather say, ‘I’ve got to be positive forever’ OR ‘I’ve got to think more positively than yesterday’?

Buddy system

Some people need buddies to help keep them on track. When you feel low, your buddy can give you good advice because they know exactly what you are going through. In return, you’re there for them when their mental health falls off the wagon.

Progress reports

To compile a report for each stage of your healthy mind journey, you should:
1. Write how you currently feel about your state of mind.
2. Document how you feel whilst working towards your goal.
3. Write how you feel when you reach your goal.

When you’ve reached your next mental health goal, look back at your old reports and you’ll be amazed at the progress you’ve made.

Success stories

You can find so many success stories across the internet, in magazines, at fitness classes, and from family and friends. Hearing what others have battled against is great for boosting your morale when you feel that your goals are beyond your reach. Success stories can always give good ideas that you haven’t considered before.

Motivation Collage (MC)

To create your own motivation collage:
1. Take a sheet of paper OR an empty notebook (they can be big or small).
2. Find photographs/words which push you to have a healthy mind.
3. Stick them down on your paper/in your notebook.
4. You could also fill your MC with healthy tips, diary entries, and the rest of the topics I have discussed on this page. The decision is yours.
5. Refer to the book on a regular basis. Try not to wait until you’re feeling really low because ‘prevention is better than cure’. It’s easier to keep your mood/motivation level high than it is to raise it from the doldrums.

When a particular method goes stale, replace with another BEFORE you feel demotivated. It’s easier to stay motivated than it is to regain motivation. Make sure your motivation system is well organised by following these tips.