3 ways to deal with co-workers

3 ways to deal with co-workers

Here I’m going to advise you on how to conduct yourself with your co-workers. If you’re friends with your co-workers you might want to pay the Friends section a visit. The areas we will focus on are:

Office gossip
Fierce competition
Bullying/ discrimination

Don’t be office gossip

The boss is sleeping with the manager. The cashier was caught with alcohol in the toilets. The new PA lied on her CV, and got fired on the spot.
Office gossip makes the sluggish weeks move much faster. Instead of boring figures, paper work, meetings with people you can’t stand, and butt kissers, you get to hear the ins and outs of everyone’s lives.

But that’s the problem: EVERYONE= everyone plus YOU.

Always be careful what you tell your peers. Just because you spend hours together each day it doesn’t mean you know the person like family. Gossipers always give and receive gossip, meaning they give you juicy details about the boss but take your business with them when they go. If you don’t want everyone to know about your new thong, affair with the neighbour, or any other embarrassing information keep it to yourself.

Picture yourself standing in front of the entire workplace, shouting out your business for the world to hear. If the thought makes you blush, keep that info to yourself. It’s like with parents who want to be best friends with their kids. Yes, it’s possible but keep the boundary in check.

Fierce competition

At work the competition is FIERCE. Everyone is friendly, laughing and joking, but when there’s one promotion and many employes the gloves come off. It’s every woman for herself. Darn right!

Let me remind you that people who are promoted can also be demoted or fired. Either way, you never know what the future will bring. Today you’re on top but tomorrow you could be starting from scratch, and you can guess who is at the bottom waiting for you… Yes, everyone you stepped over on your way to the top. I’m not saying you shouldn’t aim high, just don’t forget where you came from because the people still there won’t.


Do not stand for it. You should always feel welcome at work, so don’t let anyone make you feel like you don’t belong. First you should ask the bully to leave you alone and explain what’s got you down. If they continue, insist that they stay away from you. If they continue to mock/harass you, take the matter to Human Resources and listen carefully to their advice.