Thinking of committing suicide?

Thinking of committing suicide?

Sometimes we find ourselves under too much pressure. Debt, illness, death, self esteem, and much more can all pile on top of you. You crack. Suddenly you start looking for an ‘easy’ way out. You contemplate suicide.

Yet you are here, reading this, which shows that you don’t really want to die before your time. You find yourself considering how your family, friends, co-workers and neighbours will be affected. You think of every goal you have yet to accomplish, and wonder what you life story will be if you continue living. You contemplate staying alive.

1. Relax

You need to calm yourself down. No matter what your emotions are telling you, suicide is NOT the best option. Light some candles and try meditation for an hour or two. The steady breathing helps to clear the mind, which means you will be able to think more rationally.

2. Talk to someone

You have many options here, so NEVER think that you are all alone.

If you have already decided and set up your suicide attempt, and are on the verge of moving onto the next step, PLEASE call a suicide helpline. Unlike the options listed below, the helpline is there immediately. Before you take that next step, PLEASE call a helpline first.

There is always someone who has been through the same experience, and they can give you expert advice on how to tackle this dark period. You will find people who have considered suicide on forums like the Suicide Forum. If you are close to breaking point, PLEASE post a message there. If you don’t like that website, you’ll find more online. Just type in ‘Suicide forum’ into Google. If you see any posts encouraging suicide or detailing how to kill yourself, leave the website immediately. Those people do not deserve your time!

Another option is talking to loved ones. Sometimes they have been through the similar experiences and give you great advice. Or they can help you out in an emergency situation e.g. lend you money to pay this month’s bills. Choose wisely before talking to a loved one. Can you trust this person to keep this information to his/herself? Is this person usually supportive? Will this person just lecture you or say, “I told you so”? You do not need negativity at this time, so take some time to think before choosing someone you know.

3. Re-organise

Now you have decided against suicide, it is time to beat your problems head on. The Organisation section will help you organise and prioritise what you need to do. There is always a way to work through your problems.

4. This website

All this information is there to help. Even if you have done so already, read through the sections on HBQ that apply to you. Follow the advice I have given to solve your problems.

5. Sort through your problems

Now it is time to act on your plans. Everything you have organised should be carried out. Remember that plans can change when new tasks come along, so don’t fret if your plans need to change. Whether it takes a longer or shorter amount of time the outcome will be the same. Freedom from your problems.

Right now the future looks pretty bleak, but tomorrow is another day. Whatever is wrong CAN be put right, no matter how serious it might seem. For another spin on suicide, read this.