Will success make you ‘happy’? Maybe not.

Will success make you ‘happy’? Maybe not.

“When my hair is long, I’ll be beautiful!”

“Once I lose this weight, I’ll be perfect!”

“When I’m successful, I’ll be happy!”

Many people think achieving their goals will make them happy overnight. They believe a smaller clothes size or longer hair will change their lives in a flash. It won’t.

Of course success improves your life, but keep in mind that your ultimate goal won’t end all your problems. Being slimmer doesn’t mean you’ll never feel ugly again. Being in love doesn’t mean he’ll never let you down. Healthy hair doesn’t mean you’ll never have a bad hair day again.

Don’t be pessimistic or overly optimistic- be realistic!

Every personal goal is just the beginning. We have decades on this earth, so aim to accomplish as much as you can. If you fail, keep trying until you succeed. You’ll never be perfect, and you won’t always be happy, but you will succeed.

Remember to always be happy BEFORE you succeed.

Some journeys are lifelong, so if you’re waiting to meet happiness at your destination then you’ll be waiting forever. Enjoy your mind, body, and hair today!