Healthy Hair Extensions and Wig Care

Healthy Hair Extensions and Wig Care

Healthy hair extensions and wig care tips are important. We’ve all seen people wearing terrible looking weaves and lacefronts. By following some simple hair care tips, they could maintain healthy-looking hair extensions instead of wearing wigs that should’ve been dumped a long time ago. Not everyone can afford to buy new hair every few months, but that’s not a good excuse. By maintaining your hair extensions and wigs, you can keep your hair looking great for years to come.

Make no mistake, adding hair doesn’t mean you can neglect your real hair underneath. There are women who wore fake hair for months before finally removing it. When they did, their real hair underneath was beyond repair. Bald patches, hair breakage, receding hairlines and more. Remember, your real hair MUST be maintained under the wigs and weaves. That’s why you still must read through the other hair sections on this website.

Healthy Hair Extensions and Wig Care

This page has articles on how to care for hair extensions, lacefronts, weaves, wigs, and hair pieces. Learn what it takes to maintain the beautiful hair you invested in.

Hair Extensions and Wig Care

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Remember, always maintain your real hair underneath. Hair extensions and wigs allow your real hair to rest. That’s great protective styling! However, ignoring your real hair for weeks or months on end will cause serious breakage. To prevent it, make sure you read the other hair care sections. It’s possible to have fabulous weaves and fantastic real hair at the same time, but you must maintain them both. Your real hair should always be your highest priority.