Healthy Natural Hair Care

Healthy Natural Hair Care

Healthy natural hair care isn’t hard. It’s not time consuming or expensive. The Natural Hair Movement is an amazing thing! It’s done wonders for many people like me who hated our hair. Unfortunately it’s so commercialised now. So many companies are selling unnecessary products just to make another billion or two.

Some naturalistas have thrived under the “new rules”. Some haven’t. Not everyone loves using oils, butters, creams, puddings, custards, etc. Some of us (yes, me too) have returned to the “old rules” and are loving it! Sure, it’s not as organic as the more natural regimens, but it’s not as expensive either. If you’re not sure whether old or new school hair care is for you, try each one and see what works for you. You can always mix both!

Healthy Natural Hair Care

This page has articles on how to care for natural hair. I always recommend affordable, manageable regimens. Don’t spend lots of money you don’t have. Stay within budget. Hair is never worth getting into debt for.

Basic Natural Hair Care

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Straightening Natural Hair

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What should you read next?

Natural hair is beautiful. Don’t wait for length or thickness to appreciate its beauty. Love it now. As you learn more about healthy natural hair care, your hair will thrive. Be patient. Experiment and grow with your hair. Be open to different things, but stick with what works for you. One day you’ll see length, fullness, health and any other goal you want to achieve. That day is coming, I promise.

More articles will be added over time. When you’ve completed everything, return to the main Hair section for more hair care advice. Once you’ve completed those, you’ll be ready to develop your healthy mind and healthy body regimen.