Healthy Relaxed, Texturized and Texlaxed Hair Care

Healthy Relaxed, Texturized and Texlaxed Hair Care

Healthy relaxed, texturized and texlaxed hair is known for breaking off. Many people have bad experiences when it comes to growing long chemically processed hair. Their hair just can’t take strong chemicals. Hair breakage happens after processing, either straight away or gradually over time. No one knows why some people’s hair can take chemicals and others can’t. It’s just what it is.

Do chemicals constantly break your hair off, or cause other problems like scalp burns? If you’re one of these people, chemically processed hair might not be for you. Consider natural hair and hair extensions instead.

For everyone else, healthy relaxed, texturized or texlaxed hair is possible. My relaxed hair reached bra strap to mid-back length. There are people on youtube with waist to butt length hair. It looks healthy, not raggedy. It is thriving, not breaking. The same is possible for you too.

Healthy Relaxed, Texturized and Texlaxed Hair Care

This page has articles on how to care for healthy relaxed, texturized and texlaxed hair. Relaxers, texlaxers and texturizers aren’t the same but they are very similar, so a lot of chemically processed hair advice applies to them all.

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What should you read next?

It doesn’t matter how much hair breakage you have now. Long and healthy texturized, texlaxed and relaxed hair is possible. Shiny, smooth, silky, chemically processed hair is possible as long as you maintain it. So many people think they can slap a relaxer on their head and call it a day. No. Processed hair needs just as much maintenance as natural hair. All healthy hair needs maintenance, period.

More articles will be added over time. When you’ve completed everything, return to the main Hair section for more hair care advice. Once you’ve completed those, you’ll be ready to develop your healthy mind and healthy body regimen.