Should you wear human or synthetic hair?

Should you wear human or synthetic hair?

Synthetic hair has been manufactured in a factory and human hair is mostly imported from Asia.

Which one should you choose…?

Wear synthetic hair if:
-You are on a tight budget
-You are worried about ethical side of the hair industry
-You are willing to change your hairstyle using steam instead of common methods like chemicals, flat irons, etc
-You will wear the same style over and over and/or rarely change the style

Wear human hair if:
-You want to change your hairstyle often
-You want extensions that last for a long time
-You want to use heat, relaxers, texturisers, dyes on your extensions
-You want the hair to look as realistic as possible

If you are leaning towards human AND synthetic hair, read what others have said online. If you’re still confused, try both types yourself and see which one you prefer.