3 things to do during the exam

3 things to do during the exam

Obviously I can’t give you the right answers or extend the time limit. However, I can give these helpful tips for achieving your very best in the exam hall. Remember these 3 points and you’ll never go wrong.

1. Try your best
Some people are capable of straight As while others struggle towards a D grade. Do your best whatever that may be. Try every question but if you have forgotten important information, don’t understand the question or can’t find your way to an answer, move on. You are wasting time better spent on questions you can answer. When you have finished the rest of the paper, return to the questions you couldn’t answer. When time is running out, you have to guess. In certain subjects you can get marks for your methodology, even if the final answer is wrong. You never know if the answer is correct, so guess. What have you got to lose?

2. Don’t cheat
In exams you are being watched all the time, so you will be spotted eventually. How would you feel if you revised hard and did extra work only for someone else to share your grade? Or get you disqualified? It’s better to get a low/average grade you worked for than a brilliant mark with someone else’s name on it. Cheating will only get you so far before you get called into question, and fail because you are a fraud. Assuming the exam invigilators don’t spot you, with all the modern technology you will be discovered soon enough. Computers can scan papers and match up identical wording, not to mention low grades followed by a sudden spike will raise a few eyebrows.

3. Don’t rush
You always notice when others leave the exam early, but don’t let it faze you. Those people may have found the paper really easy or found it so impossible that they gave up. Sitting there thinking about them is wasting time you should be spending on your paper. Keep an eye on the clock and plan to work at your own speed. If you finish early, go over your answers. We all make silly mistakes from time to time, but examiners won’t be so understanding. Use every minute of exam time to the fullest. Finishing early won’t earn you anything, but finishing properly will.

Those 3 easy points are all you really need. Aim for your potential, be honest, and take your time to achieve your very best. The second point is the most important. Break the cheating rule and not only will you disappoint yourself but also cheat the person you copy, not to mention getting a result you don’t deserve. Cheaters never win. Forget them! Here’s what to do when the exam(s) is over