The Last 10 Pounds: Closing In On Weight Maintenance

The Last 10 Pounds: Closing In On Weight Maintenance

My first personal blog – The Last 10 Pounds: Closing in on Weight Maintenance – says it all. Only 10 more pounds before I officially enter weight maintenance. I am within the healthy BMI and body fat ranges for my age, height, etc, but these last 10 should tone things up some more.

How do I feel right now? Scared.

Maintain Weight Forever shows that I know what I’m talking about. I’ve spent the past year with other maintainers and combined their stories and lessons with my own periods of weight maintenance. Now I’m ready. I will maintain my weight forever. I’ve regained twice while I was losing, so I feel the regains are out of my system. The anger, frustration, and disappointment of relosing those same pounds twice almost made my temporary failure permanent, but 30 pounds later, here I am.

So why am I scared?

I’ve always been fat. I seemed to slim down around the age of 3-4 before adult fat gain began. I went from being an overweight child to an obese adult. At 17yrs old and 200lbs, I began my healthy lifestyle journey to 21yrs old and 124lbs.

So what’s the problem, then?

I’ve addressed this overlooked weight maintenance problem here – I’m still working on this issue myself. Maintainers seem to take months, even years, to adjust, so I’ll be patient with myself. Still, most of the time I don’t see a slim person in the mirror. There’ll be brief moments when I SEE it, but then my eyes go back into fat mode, where I’m a small fat person.

So that’s the problem, then?

No. The problem is I don’t know when to stop losing. How does a person who’s always been fat know when they’ve met their goal weight? People who gained later in life have memories, pictures and clothes from when they used to be slim. We don’t have that. We just have trust in others and hope they’re honest, but when they’re also scared you’ll end up too skinny they lie. Your doctor? He’d probably be satisfied with you just being a healthy BMI.

So what can we do?

Help each other. If you want an honest opinion on how you look, send me your photo and I’ll provide an honest, respectful opinion. If you want, I’ll post it on the blog so others can give feedback. Any ignorant comments won’t be posted. Our support system is more important than ever now we’re maintaining. Most support is for fat loss or fat gain, so our small community is a tiny blip on the healthy lifestyle radar. However, together we can look out for each other.



GOAL WEIGHT DATE: Last week of March/First week of April