Step 2: Lose the Last 15 Pounds for the Last Time

Step 2: Lose the Last 15 Pounds for the Last Time

Welcome to Step 2 of the Maintain Weight Forever cycle. This section is all about reaching the end of weight loss. You’ve done so well burning off the excess fat, but those last pounds are very stubborn. Fat loss slows down when you lose the last 15 pounds. Why is that?

Here’s an explanation using money instead of fat. Imagine you have 100 dollars in your account and I ask you for 1. You’d loan it. Why not? It’s only 1 per cent of your savings. Then I ask you for 2 dollars. You still don’t mind because you’ve got 97 dollars left over.

But what if I keep asking until you only have 15 dollars left? You might give something, but you’ll hesitate. Soon you’ve only got 10 dollars left. You don’t want to give anymore. 2 dollars is now 20% of your savings, not 2% like when you first started giving money away. That’s why your body won’t lose fat the way it used to. It’s scared of running out of fat (money) and ending up underweight (penniless).

This section covers the following areas:

Change Your Mindset
Shift Those Stubborn Pounds

Work through each section in your own time. There’s no time limit. You can breeze through each article before rereading the ones that apply to you. Or slowly work your way through each article as you lose the last 15 pounds. The decision is yours.

Change Your Mindset

This section is about changing your mindset. Right now you’re still in weight loss mode. Now is the time to start preparing for the weight maintenance transition in Step 3. Below you’ll see thoughts, feelings and important lessons that are useful when you lose the last 15 pounds. This is an exciting time, but it can be quite scary too!

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Shift Those Stubborn Pounds

Those last 15 pounds are tough, but we’re tougher! Once you’ve started the mental transition from weight loss to weight maintenance, it’s time to focus on burning off the last fat. Losing the last 15 is similar to losing the first 50, 100, etc. The difference is we lose much slower as we reach our goal weight. This section addresses those last 15 problems you might face.

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You’ve reached the end of Step 2. Great job!

You’ve worked very hard through Step 1 and Step 2 to get here. If you need to, feel free to return to Step 1. Remember, you still have your support network there for you. You can always look back at the quotes if you need a motivational boost. When you’re ready, it’s time to move on to Step 3: Start the Transition to Weight Maintenance.