Meditation exercises

Meditation exercises

You can meditate anywhere as long as it is safe and quiet. If you have free time at work, you could go for a walk and meditate in a private space. This could be at the park, in your office cubicle or back home if you can. There is no need to sit cross legged and hum. Just sit down, make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Block out any noises and just breathe. If you feel lost when you meditate, try the scenarios outlined below to get the full benefits of meditation.

The Forest

You step through the fence and enter the forest, leaving your work and personal life behind. The sound of birds fills the air, and a cool breeze flows by. You take off your shoes to feel the rich, moist soil seeping through your toes. You lie down on the ground, sinking into the leaves and soil beneath you. The sound of birds, the billowing wind, and a river running in the distance soothes your soul until you drift away, leaving your problems behind.

The Beach

You push open the gate and walk on to the beach, leaving your work and personal life behind. The waves crashing against the shoreline draw you farther and farther from everyone else, and suddenly you are completely alone. You lie down on the gold sand, the sun’s rays beaming down on your flesh, and your problems seep away into the sand.

The Ocean

You climb down from the cruise ship and drop into the ocean, fishes slipping past your toes and gliding through your fingers. You burst through the surface of the water and float on your back. The sun is shining down on your bare skin, a seagull flies overhead, and a wave washes over your body, washing away your worries.

The Bedroom

You turn off the lights, slip into bed, and snuggle under the duvet. The house is silent, and now you can hear leaves rustling outside of your bedroom window. The longer you stay still, the warmer you feel and soon your problems feel lighter and lighter and lighter….

The possibilities are endless, especially when you have prepared for meditation properly. Create the perfect atmosphere that is away from all your troubles. Think of the setting, time, company (if any), taste, smells, touch, view, and sounds. After good practice, you will find yourself in amazing places you have never been before- even better, you can visit anytime you like.