How to maintain natural hair

How to maintain natural hair

There are many commercial products aimed at natural hair, but I decided to stick with natural products so I know exactly what’s going on my head. Before you buy a product (natural or commercially produced), take the time to research its ingredients and reviews. Trust me, it’s irritating and expensive buying products that don’t work as they should, so see what others have said first. However, sometimes people have given a particular product rave reviews, and the product did nothing for my hair. Click here for important information on straightening your hair!!

Key natural products for your hair:

A great moisturiser. Water finds it harder to travel down a curly/kinky hair shaft because there are so many twists and turns. This is why our hair type tends to be drier than straight hair.

Great with water. It leaves my hair so soft that I can’t keep my hands out of it. It draws moisture from the air and into your hair, so the follicles are less likely to become brittle and break. Just fill a bottle or tub with half Vegetable Liquid Glycerine and half water and apply it to your hair.

Cocoa or African Shea Butter Cream. They can also leave your hair supple and soft. It’s great for soothing a dry scalp, plus cocoa butter has a fantastic scent! Make sure that you get the unrefined, pure butters (the brown/yellow butters) because the effective properties in the white, refined butters are small are far more effective than the white, refined ones.

Extra Virgin Olive oil is the most popular, but I often use whichever oil I have. Apply this to the ends of your hair after you have moisturised them. This will seal the ends to trap the water and glycerine so your hair stays moist. You can also use hot/cold Columela Extra Virgin Olive Oil (be careful when heating it) to deep condition your hair.

African Black Soap (or another non-drying soap or shampoo you prefer)
Curly/coily hair types are drier than straight hair, so your choice of soap should not be drying. African Black Soap is delicate but still does a good job at leaving your scalp and hair fresh. This soap and Red Palm Oil soap are highly recommended if you want natural soaps.

Air dry
It’s time to get rid of your hairdryer! Our hair type lacks moisture, and hairdryers burn away the little moisture that we do have. Airdrying takes longer but it’s healthier for your hair. If you insist on using a hairdryer, use it on a cool setting and/or spray heat protectant over your hair.

There are many different ways to style your hair, and here’s just a few:

-Depending on how kinky your hair is, you’ll be able to wear an afro
-Afro puffs (You pull the hair back the same way you’d do a ponytail for straight hair, but kinky hair puffs out instead of falling down)
-Twistouts (This involves leaving your hair in twists for a couple of days or weeks, and then undoing them. This also works well after you’ve worn plaits. Your hair will be wavy and stretched out, so it’s great when you feel like a new look.)
-Dreadlocks (also known as Sisterlocks)
-Braids with added hair

This list seems to be endless. There are so many different twist styles, cornrows can be done in different patterns, and the twist/plaits can be thick or skinny. The only limit is your imagination. If you run out of ideas, use a search engine to look for even more.

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