Active Lifestyle

Active Lifestyle

Exercising is a popular way to burn calories, but living an active lifestyle is much easier. Instead of working hard for an hour at the gym, spread your calorie burn throughout the day – this is what naturally slim people do. An active lifestyle burns calories all day without sweating at the gym or clock watching during your workout. You could cycle to work, get off the bus earlier, walk to the nearest store, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and much more. Check out the positives and negatives of an active lifestyle below.

The positive side of an active lifestyle…

  • No Excuses – Sometimes you can’t (won’t) exercise because you’re too busy/tired/stressed/lazy. An active lifestyle means no more poor excuses! Whether you’re at work or home, add some activity to your day in tiny ways, for example, don’t email a memo to your colleague, deliver the message in person. Tiny bursts of energy add up in major ways!
  • Saves Time – Don’t spend 7 hours a week in a sweaty gym. Get outside and use that time to be active and productive.
  • Meet Targets – If you took 2000 steps today, take 2500 tomorrow. Cycled to work in 20mins? Aim for 15 next time! Set lots of fun targets to beat and burn more calories every day. Now you can burn fat and run errands.
  • No Restrictions – Some days you’ll be active, some days you’ll be lazy. It doesn’t matter! Forget obsessive calorie burn goals and enjoy yourself. Everything will balance out over time.
  • More Quality Time – Go out with family and friends and have some fun! You’ve got more time (it used to belong to the gym) so spend it wisely. Don’t think of calorie trackers. Do what you enjoy!

The negative side of an active lifestyle…

  • One Month To Adjust  – People say it takes a month for good habits to come naturally. Don’t expect to be cycling to work, walking the dog for longer, using the stairs at work, and cleaning the house faster by tomorrow. It’s not happening.
  • It’s Seasonal – On bright summery days who doesn’t go out and have fun? Cold, rain and snow are a different matter. You can still be active indoors during bad weather, but let’s not pretend that burning calories ironing is enjoyable like a friendly game of tennis at the park.

An active lifestyle blends well with your everyday routine, so there’s no excuse why it can’t be done. No matter your physical ability, age or fitness experience, an active lifestyle is adaptable to all. Making fitness a part of your lifestyle makes lifetime weight maintenance easier. When people only get fit for a short period, they lose motivation and fall off track once the deadline passes. Weight relapse and regain follow soon after. Make sure you’re living an active LIFEstyle, not for the summer or New Year, but for ever.