Awesome Aerobics

Awesome Aerobics

Don’t worry! Leotards are out and gathering dust as we speak. Often seen as easy exercise, modern Aerobics can be tough if you know how to progress. High impact Aerobics burns twice as many calories as low impact options. Step Aerobics will work and tone those leg muscles to burn calories and increase strength. Read over Aerobics’ pros and cons to see whether these simple, effective workouts suit you.

The Positive…

  • Simple – Mostly involves moving sideways, forward or back. This means you’ll learn new moves fast, even if you’re a beginner!
  • Disability/Injury Friendly – Aerobics has basic movements that are easy to follow. This means there’s less chance of hurting yourself or aggravating an injury.
  • Beginner To Advanced – Aerobics is too easy when you’re very fit, but there’s room for progression. Move from low impact (one foot on the floor at all times) to high impact (both feet off the floor a lot) Aerobics to burn more calories. Still too easy? Do you routines on a workout step. Use a higher step as you get fitter over time.
  • Fun – It lacks the freedom of Dance, but Aerobics to music is still enjoyable.

The Negative…

  • Low Calorie Burn – Burning 300 calories an hour is nice, but exercises like Martial Arts burn the same amount in half the time.
  • Hard On Joints – High impact and Step Aerobics involve being off the floor for most of the workout session. All the hopping, skipping, jumping, etc can wear on the joints.
  • Complicated – Aerobics without the step is simple, but Step Aerobics can be complicated. Not only must you follow the instructor’s movements, but also position yourself in the right places on the step.
  • Need Space – Aerobics like Walking and Dance can be easy to perform on the spot, but Aerobics usually requires lots of space all around you. You’ll need a clear space for any big movements.

There must be a good reason why Aerobics has stood the test of time. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s not going away any time soon. Best-selling workout DVDs like Ministry of Sound and The Body: Elle Macpherson show that Aerobics can be hot, sexy, and fun.