Dance Daily

Dance Daily

Samba, Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap, etc…With Dance the possibilities are truly endless. What if you can’t dance? It doesn’t matter. If you’re uncoordinated and lack dance skills, dance alone when no one is watching. Or join a class and get professional tuition. Like walking, you can start RIGHT NOW. Just put on some hot tunes and let loose.

The Positive…

  • Free – Who doesn’t have music? Get your favourite MP3s, CDs, and music videos ready. No equipment or exercise clothes necessary.
  • Easy – Unless you attend Dance classes, there are no routines or sequences to learn. Do whatever you like!
  • Beginner To Advanced – Beginners can start with simple moves like side steps and hip wiggling. Jumping and moving around the room boosts the intensity. When you’re ready to burn even more calories, join a Dance class.
  • Fun – Exercising to music is always fun! No wonder exercises like Aerobics use music to copy Dance’s enjoyable atmosphere.
  • Multi-task – Most exercises take place at home, the park or in the gym. Dancing goes those places and beyond e.g. nightclubs. Have fun and get fit on the dance floor this week-end!
  • Variety – Ballet, Hip Hop, Disco, Salsa, etc. There’s something for everyone. Go fast or slow. Dance solo or partner up. Follow a DVD, copy your favourite star’s moves or improvise. It’s completely up to you!

The Negative…

  • Complicated – Particular dances require lots of practise to get the moves right. It can be hard to remember sequences featuring lots of arm and leg movements.
  • Boring Instructors – The wrong Dance Instructor will ruin the mood. Dancing should be fun! If your instructor is strict and robotic then go elsewhere. Dancing should be fun, not serious like Bootcamp and Martial Arts.

My favourite time to dance is during the holiday season. It’s hard when everyone else is stuffing their faces and winding down while you’re still keeping fit, watching those calories and exercising. Dancing for exercise means you won’t feel so left out. Use all those holiday season celebrations as a great excuse to burn calories on the dancefloor.